Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Philippine Costumes

Gaddang tribe
(Luzon province)

Ibaloi tribe
(Luzon province)


Aura said...

Hi nutart! just got curious when i read your comment at senhor enrique and wondered from where you are. maybe you need to correct something about your blog settings as when I click your name to go to your site, theres nothing more about it except your name.Just got your site by searching it in the browser.
Anyway, im glad i found it, did´nt know you are an artist, nice painting about our native costumes on the plates..never seen anything like it in manila shops.Also, havent been to mindoro,but i know also na daanan ng bagyo yan. and yet you still enjoy rain ha..thats nice!!I like it too but not too much..hahaha!

nutart said...

hi aura! Thanks for noting the blog settings! Sorry for that. As you can see we are really not blogging experts (he-he!) Yep, Mindoro is usually a typhoon route but so far (this year) we have had very good weather and equally pleasant amount of rain. It can be quite windy at times since we are up the mountain but that's natural for us na. Thanks for the visit and comment!