Thursday, February 14, 2008

Philippine Patterns

B'laan tribe pattern
(Mindanao province)

Bagobo tribe pattern
(Mindanao province)

Mandaya tribe pattern
(Mindanao province)


FilMasons NSW said...

What a wonderful, beautiful and authentic Philippine art/"souvenirs". Where can we get it?

Love the designs I've seen so far. Can we order via internet?

nutart said...
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nutart said...

Thank you very much, Filmasons nsw!

Yes, you can order from us directly. Just email me at and I can write you details of how we will send the artworks and what bank you can transfer the payment to. We also have some of the artworks displayed at the Ayala Museum and Metropolitan Museum giftshops as well as Tesoro's in Ermita and Makati. Just check them out when you can!

Khalipha said...

Good words.

lady t said...

absolutely stunning!

andrew said...


I would like to ask your permission if i can use your B'laan tribe pattern art for a study of a book cover for a textbook. My name is andrew villar and also an artist for the Manila Bulletin sunday comics section and a fulltime art teacher. My mom's from oriental mindoro too... (san teodoro)
Hope its okay with you. i can send the study to you as soon as i can, just give me you e-mail adress... if ever you will agree... we will of course credit you for the photo of your artwork. Many many thanks...

-andrew villar