Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cordillera Faces


paoix said...

wow this is some really amazing stuff. do you sell these? I would certainly get some :)

nutart said...

hi paoix! sorry for not having answered your comment earlier! Yes, we have our works consigned with the ayala museum and tesoro's. Some of the faces have been bought though when I had visitors over! Thanks for visiting!

FilMasons NSW said...

The "Faces" and the "Turn of the Century" series are great. Must have been inspired by Eric's postings.

Consignments via Ayala Museum and Tesoros - wow. Does that mean that your "souvenirs" just graduated into collectible pieces of art? Would that make them expensive? I guess they would be - sigh... Hope to get soon before they really become too expensive for me.

The series should be sold as a set, that would be great. Do you do more than a set of these?


nutart said...

actually, Filmasons, they are sold separately to make it reasonably priced for the buyers. If they buy three then it becomes a set :-). We had conceptualized some designs especially the mindanao patterns and then I played around with the monkey-and-turtle set of three stories as one. But then since we still do not have a plan how to frame them together then it is displayed individually. We had already shipped some of my artworks to interested patrons in the US. It really is not that expensive as you think just because people had categorized it as a simple bao. We really made a lot of compromise in the pricing and with about three years producing the NutArt, I think we have settled on a pretty reasonable one. You can write me at my gmail address to place an order if you like. Thank you very much, FilMasons! God bless!