Monday, February 22, 2010

Philippine Costumes

Tagalog mother & child

Tagalog children

Tagalog water bearers

Bagobo family

Bukidnon women

T'boli mother and child


FilMasons NSW said...

This series is great... I always love the ethnic & old Pinoy genre of your Nut Art.


nutart said...

thanks, mario, for very supportive comments! I also found doing the sepia (all brown tones) quite fun to do!

Sidney said...

Wow... this is really nice !
Are they for sale in the Philippines? i am sure you could make a fortune with your art !

nutart said...

thank you sidney as always for your very encouraging words! I'm always honored to have bloggers like you I also consider highly to approve of my own endeavors :-)!

They are available at the Ayala Museum and through the several years we had consigned it with them, they do move!